New Graduates Recruitment Support Services Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2019

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the domestic market of new graduates’ recruitment support services and has found out the trends of the market players, market trends by service (including recruitment/job hunting information websites and the services to introduce new graduates,) and the future outlook. 

Figure: Transition of New Graduates Recruitment Support Services Market Size
Figure: Transition of New Graduates Recruitment Support Services Market Size

Market Overview

The new graduates’ recruitment support services market in FY2017 grew by 7.3% from the previous fiscal year to attain 118,500 million yen. As enterprises were still eager to hire new graduates, the tendency of a seller’s market was even stronger. Since it became easier for the students to secure unofficial employment offers without any excessive recruitment activities needed, decreased registration and less frequency in participating in job hunting websites and job fairs by students became apparent. As a result of the recent way of the recruitment activities by the students, the job applicants tended to concentrate on large or well-known companies, whereas small or mid-size enterprises (SMEs) and those not widely known were forced to bear hardship for hiring new graduates.

In addition to the existing roles of preparing for internship, selection of students, and acceptance of newly employed, the roles of a recruiting department at major companies all I all expanded and needed longer period of time to include making an approach to promising students at an early stage and keeping on terms with them in order to prevent them from rejecting unofficial job offers and from doing recruiting activities further on. On the other hand, the companies faced a difficulty in selecting the right candidates, as more mismatches together with rejections of job offers occurred because of lack of understanding between the companies and students, due to influx of too much information from job hunting websites and job fairs on vast numbers of students registered or entered.

To the contrary, SMEs and local companies not located in the metropolitan areas suffered from lack of student applicants in spite of the support from job hunting websites. This led many SMEs to try connecting with the students directly, by utilizing new-graduate introducing services and by participating in the recruitment events specifically for SMEs. Consequently, the demand for the effective services to help hire new graduates increased, not depending too much on job hunting websites.

In order to solve the issues at various job offering companies, the recruitment methods and services to hire new graduates progressively diversified.

Noteworthy Topics

Direct Recruiting Services

Direct recruiting services are the services that allow job-offering enterprises to proactively and directly approach and make contact with the students who meet the requirement for the jobs or whom the enterprises wish to adopt or whom the enterprises feel curious about from the information on the students registered at and possessed by the service providers.

Although registration by the students tend to concentrate on major or well-known companies, it is difficult for the company side to understand the reasons for the application and to discern the level of interest to the company, which can cause job-offer rejections stemming from mismatches due to lack of understanding between the companies and students.

On the other hand, many of little-known SMEs and local companies not located in the metropolitan areas with scarce student applicants tend to suffer from recruiting new graduates and from diverse problems in conventional recruiting methods.

In such a status, direct recruiting services have attracted attention as a method of connecting both the companies and students through proactive and direct approaches and contacts by the companies to the requirement-met students, while allowing them to take different steps to the students who registered or entered directly at the enterprise. Such direct recruiting services have expanded rapidly to become one of the mainstream recruitment methods almost equal to the conventional recruitment/job hunting information websites and new-graduate introducing services, as the number of user companies and of students registered have increased during the past few years.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: October 2018 to February 2019
2.Research Object: Service providers for recruiting new graduates, major university corporations, large and mid-to-small companies, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers, surveys via telephone, FAX, email, and literature research

The New Graduates’ Recruitment Support Services Market

The new graduate’s recruitment support services market in this research indicates the market of the services to support the recruitment of university students (students of women’s colleges and graduate schools included). Such services are classified into the following seven categories: 1) Recruitment/job hunting information websites, 2) Events and seminars regarding employment, 3) Services to introduce new graduates, 4) Outsourcing services for recruiting new graduates, 5) Employment assessment tools for recruiting new graduates, 6) Follow-up for employee prospects, and 7) Direct recruiting services. 

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