RESEARCH SUMMARY -Latest Outcome of Our Research-


CAD/CAM/CAE Systems Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2017


Research Outline

Yano Research Institute has conducted a study on the domestic CAD/CAM/CAE systems market with the following conditions:
  1. Research period: June to November, 2017
  2. Research objects: manufacturers of CAD/CAM/CAE systems for machinery, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) systems, and CAD systems for civil engineering/construction industry
  3. Research methodologies: Face-to-face research by the expert researchers, surveys via telephone/email

Summary of Research Findings

  • CAD/CAM/CAE Systems Market Size for FY2017 Prospected to Attain 363.7 Billion Yen

The FY2016 domestic CAD/CAM/CAE systems market size rose by 6.3% on year-over-year basis to achieve 351.3 billion yen, based on the shipment value at system manufacturers.  Since the environments of employment and income continue improving, and capital investment are projected to increase by 3 to 4% due to growing production and improved company profits, the domestic CAD/CAM/CAE systems market in FY2017 is projected to rise by 3.5% from the previous fiscal year to attain 363.7 billion yen.


  • With Many User Companies Taking Conventional Policies, Introduction of Cloud in Engineering Field of Manufacturing Is Still Hardly Feasible

The recent wide acceptance of cloud computing has led the CAD/CAM/CAE system vendors to take various strategies, such as shifting their business model to subscription or providing platforms for manufacturing enterprises, aiming to build differentiation advantage in the market of CAD/CAM/CAE systems. 

However, the impact stemming from such endeavors by the vendors to the manufacturing industry seems to be small, since the user companies in the industry still take conventional policies, refraining from introducing cloud computing.


  • Figure & Table 1: Transition of Size of CAD/CAM/CAE Systems Market

Published Report

Report Title: CAD/CAM/CAE System Market 2017

*The information provided in the "Research Summary" is what is as of the date of announcement and could be altered or renewed without any prior notice.

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