Message by the Founder, Masao Yano

Message by the Founder, Masao Yano

60 years ago, when we started our company, there was absolutely no information available for fact-based business decision making. And that was where we envisioned our future, and that was what we pioneered in this country, still struggling to recover from the loss of the Second World War. We differentiated ourselves from the competition in our unique approach of producing market intelligence through direct face-to-face communication with the key persons in the key corporations in the subject industry segments.

Our very first research project was of the synthetic fiber industry which was rather small but was just emerging back then. And now, 60 years later, we have extended and expanded our scope, and we can safely say that there are only few industries we do not cover.

We started as a small venture, but I believe we had an "angle" to challenge the nation's rapidly growing industry as a whole. I sincerely hope we stay "cutting edge" in the coming 60 years and more.

Message by the President, Takashi Mizukoshi

Message by the President, Takashi Mizukoshi

"Contributing to the growth of the Japanese industry by our research ability" has been our mission statement since the time of our establishment in 1958. No capital, no experience, no trust, but that was how it all started. Now, more than several decades on, we have been able to continue on the same trajectory of our company's motto thanks to the great support and cooperation having been extended from the industry as a whole and from a number of our clients. With great pleasure, we can announce the celebration of our 60th anniversary as a part of the Japanese industry.

Now that the period of rather constant growth of the Japanese economy has ended and the world is facing new and more significant changes than ever, we strongly feel the necessity for new sources of growth that makes us able to make an even larger contribution to the business society.

One possible way to achieve this is to engage in more global businesses, contributing not only to the Japanese industry, but also economies of most other countries including those in Asia, North America and Europe, fully utilizing our indispensable experiences and hands-on research and consulting skills honed over 60 years.

Entering our 61st year, as a part of Japanese, Asian, and even the world industries, we look to continue building the future keeping our following new mission statement in mind:

"Contributing to the growth of world economy through our research ability"

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