The Food Market Report of ASEAN 8 Countries

Each of the countries below are regarded as “Next China” or “China plus ONE,” foreign countries consider them as beneficial to invest on or to enter manufacturing markets, where potential hubs for global development may be formed in the future. With ASEAN countries’ aiming to be the Free Trade Zone by 2015, the distribution strategy of manufactured-goods within the zone has become highly important. Therefore, the Japanese food manufacturers have already been active in M&A or establishment of joint venture with local companies. Currently, the attention is paid to combination of the companies joining hands.

  • Featuring Countries:Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar
  • Face-to-face interviews with local food companies clarified their sales and distribution strategies, future policies, actual and future trades with Japanese companies, and other business developments.
  • Lists of over 700 local companies of food business in 8 ASEAN Nations

CONTENTS by Each Nation

Chapter 1 Market Overview in ASEAN Countries (Common Parts)

  1. Market Environments in Entire 8 ASEAN Countries
    1. Basic Information by Each of 8 ASEAN Country
    2. Economic Trends in 8 ASEAN Countries
    3. Demographics in 8 ASEAN Countries
      Transition of Total Population in 8 ASEAN Countries
  2. Size of Food Market in Entire 8 ASEAN Countries
    1. Total Market Size for Foods and Beverages
    2. Market Size by Major Item (2012)
    3. Transition of Market Size Forecast for 8 ASEAN Countries
    4. Import and Export of Foods in 8 ASEAN Countries
      1. Comparison of Export Amount in 8 ASEAN Countries by Item
        ■Export Amount in 2011
      2. Comparison of Import Amount in 8 ASEAN Countries by Item
        ■Import Amount in 2011
      3. Ranking of Importing and Exporting Partners by Country by Item

Chapter 2 Trends in Food Market by Country of ASEAN

  1. Basic Information
    1. General Information/Characteristics of the Region
    2. Demographics
      1. Transition of Population
      2. Population Composition Ratio by Age
    3. Economic Trends
      1. Real GDP Growth Rate and Economic Conditions
      2. Transition of Nominal GDP
      3. ransition of Nominal GDP per Capita
  2. ize of Food Market
    1. Size of Total Food and Beverage Market
    2. Market Size by Major Item
      1. Food Market
      2. Beverage Market
    3. Performance Ranking of Food related Companies
  3. Status of Food Business by Local Companies
  4. Business Development by Japanese Companies in Areas of Restaurants/Distribution Retailing
  5. List of Local Companies in Food Business (20 to 200 Enterprises per Country)

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