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Pet-Related Service Market 2017

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Pet-Related Services

Research Target:

Various Pet-Related Service Providers, Pet owners, and Consumers

Research Content:

I   Outline

  1. Pet Market Overview
  1. Environment surrounding Pet market
  2. Trend of Pet Food/Goods Market
  1. Market Overview regarding Pet Related Services
  1. Services related to Lifestyle
  2. Services related to Healthcare/Medical/Long-term Care
  3. Services related to Leisure
  4. Services related to Funerals and Ceremonial Occasions
  5. Services related to Communications
  6. Pet Market other than Dogs and Cats
  7. Other Business regarding Animals

II   Pet related Services

  1. Services related to Lifestyle (Services to Support Living with Pets)
  1. Pet Sitters
  2. Pet Hotels
  3. Pet Salons (Shampoo/Trimming, etc.)
  4. Residence to Live with Pets
  5. Pet Watch Services/Automatic Pet Feeders
  6. Pet Taxis/Specialty Car Goods
  7. Pet Training Classes
  8. Pet Clothing/Accessories
  1. Services related to Healthcare/Medical/Long-term Care (Services to Support Management and Maintenance of Health of Pets)
  1. Health Management for Pets (Preventive Medicine)
  2. Pet Insurance
  3. Pet Long-Term Care
  4. Pet Medical
  1. Services related to Leisure (Services to Make Leisure Possible with Pets)
  1. Resort/Traveling/Tour with Pets
  2. Dog Cave/Pet-Allowed Restaurants and Diners
  3. Dog Runs/Dog Sports
  4. Relaxation (Yoga, Massages, Aroma Treatment, etc.)
  1. Services related to Funerals and Ceremonial Occasions
  1. Funerals
  2. Trust Funds for Pet
  3. Pet-Loss Counseling
  1. Services related to Communications (Services that Enables Communications between Pet Owners and Businesses, and among Pet Owners)
  1. Pet related Media
  2. SNS/Community Site Applications
  3. Events and Exhibitions

III   Other Noteworthy Topics Related with Pet Market

  1. Attempts by Administrations, Private Sector
  1. Human Resources related (Manpower Training (Professional Schools)/Recruitment)
  2. Industry Groups, Qualifications
  3. Disaster Control
  4. Protection Support
  1. Rising Health-Oriented
  1. Supplement
  2. Super Premium
  1. Trend of Retailers
  1. Real Shops (Specialty Stores, GMS, HC, CVS, DS, DgS, etc.)
  2. E-Commerce Enterprises
  1. Pet Markets Other than Dogs and Cats
  1. Small Animals (Rabbits, Ferrets)/Birds
  2. Reptiles and Amphibia, etc.
  3. Aquarium Fish
  1. Other Animal Businesses
  1. Animal Cafes, Rental Pets for Individuals, Pet Parks
  2. Animal Contents (Games, SNS, CM characters, etc.)

IV   Consumer Survey

  • Pet Related Expenditure
  • Status of Using Pet related Services
  • What to Place Importance on Using Pet-Related Services
  • Information Sources when Using the Services
  • Possession of Auto Pet Feeders and Watch Cameras
  • Everyday Practices for Maintaining Health of the Pet
  • Status of Using Health Management Services for Pets
  • Experience of Going Out with Pets
  • Problems/Issues when Taking Out Pets to Outside
  • Status of Using SNS
  • Disaster Countermeasures for Pets
  • Status of Using Pet Funeral Services


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