Online Shopping Market 2017

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138,000 yen ($1,329.86)
(excluding consumption tax)
276,000 yen ($2,659.73)
(excluding consumption tax)
414,000 yen ($3,989.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.77 yen , 2021/01/26 Japan)

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B2C e-commerce, online shopping

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B2C e-commerce providers, online shopping providers

Research Content:

I   Current Analysis on e-Commerce Market

  1. Size and Trends of e-Commerce market
  1. Transition of Japanese total retail market
  2. Transition of market size by business form
  3. Direct marketing market from the data of The Japan Direct Marketing Association(JADMA)
  4. e-Commerce market size (BtoC) and e-Commerce BtoC market size by segment
  5. Mobile commerce market
  1. Evolution and Changes in Network Infrastructure
  1. Diversification of devices using internet
  2. Objectives of using Internet
  3. Overview of infrastructure for mobile phone market
  4. MVNO Services and inexpensive SIM
  5. Broadcasting service market
  1. Internet Advertisement
  1. Trends in Japanese advertisement expenses
  2. Smartphone advertisement market
  3. Types and forms of internet advertisement
  4. Affiliated service market

4. Trends in Use of Social Media

II   Trends of Companies in e-Commerce Industry

  1. Current Status of Mail Order Service Providers (Sales Ranking in FY2015)
  2. Trends of e-Commerce-related Companies
  3. Online Shopping and Distribution Market
  4. Across-the-Border e-Commerce and Global BtoC e-Commerce Market
  1. Across-the-Border e-Commerce Markets in Japan, U.S. and China
  2. Global BtoC e-Commerce Market

III   e-Commerce Trends by Industry

  1. Trends of Product-Sales BtoC-e-Commerce
  1. Overall Trends
  2. Home Appliances, PCs, Related Products
  3. Books, Images, Music Products
  4. Foods, Beverages, Liquors
  5. Pharmaceutical/Medical and Cosmetic Products
  6. Furniture, Interior, Miscellaneous Goods, Commodities
  7. Clothing, Accessories
  8. Sporting Goods (including Outdoor and Golf Goods)
  9. Automobiles, Motorbikes, and their Parts 
  1. Trends of e-Commerce Services for Individuals
  1. Accommodations, Travel Services, and Transportation
  2. Foods and Beverages Services
  3. Reservation Services of Entertainment Tickets
  4. Financial Services (Online Banking and Electronic Securities)
  5. Life Insurance Only Available through Internet
  6. Hairdressing related Services
  1. Trends of Personal E-Commerce in Digital Industry
  1. Digital Contents Market Overview
  2. Electronic Books (Books and Magazines)
  3. Paid Music Distribution
  4. Paid Video Distribution
  5. Online Games

IV   e-Commerce Related Businesses

  1. Sales Ranking of e-Commerce Related Businesses FY2016
  2. List of e-Commerce Related Businesses with Sales for Fiscal Three Years in the order of FY2016 Sales
  3. List of e-Commerce Related Businesses in the order of Ordinary Profit
  4. List of Newly Listed Companies of e-Commerce Related Businesses
  5. List of e-Commerce Related Businesses (258 enterprises)

V   Data Indispensable for e-Commerce

  • Population, Households, Companies using Internet
  • Rate of Internet Use in Overseas
  • Transition of broadband subscriptions
  • Status of Personal digital divide
  • Utilization Ratio of Internet by Personal Device
  • Dissatisfaction, Uneasiness, Harm, Countermeasures in Personal Use of Internet
  • Details of Harms Experienced in PCs, Mobile phones, Smartphones  and many other data



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138,000 yen ($1,329.86)
(excluding consumption tax)
276,000 yen ($2,659.73)
(excluding consumption tax)
414,000 yen ($3,989.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.77 yen , 2021/01/26 Japan)