Our Focus on China and Asia

We have long paid attention to and focused on Chinese market, one of the most promising markets in the world, and engaged in such various activities, in earnest, as business seminars, customized researches and partner sourcing as well as publication of periodicals and market reports associated with businesses in China in order to convey useful market information to our clients.

We have also expanded our reach in other Asian regions by establishing a branch office in Seoul, Korea, and a liaison office in Taipei in addition to our subsidiary in Shanghai, China, and by collaborating with our oversea partner firms in order to cope with an increasingly cross-boarder economy and respond to rapidly increasing needs for market information of other Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia as well as India and many others.

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Custom Research

China is a quite unique and diverse country market in various aspects including business practices, distribution and product development as well as legal systems, which should differ from those of Japan and any other countries.

We sincerely believe that we are in the right position to provide you with practical market information essential to your endeavor to expand business into China thanks to our own local corporate networks and solid and longstanding experience in the filed of market research accumulated during our 50 years of operation.

Accordingly, we are able to conduct research and information gathering locally including face-to-face interviews with local key persons, and offer a wide variety of market intelligence with regard to:

  • Major market players (e.g. trends of market entry by foreign companies in addition to strategies and operations of local corporations, etc.)
  • Product trends (e.g. product development, product technologies, price rages, etc.)
  • Users' needs (e.g. major use of products, place of purchase, channels of purchase, etc.)

Please contact our Global Marketing dept. for our research proposal to be flexibly designed so as to suite your research needs, objectives, budget, etc.

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Consumer Survey

In China, consumer survey is much more important than in any other countries due to its immense diversity in environment, customs, consumer needs, income and many other social and cultural factors that may affect your strategy building. Therefore, it must be absolutely necessary to conduct consumer survey region-by-region since China is such a huge country and those forementioned factors must largely vary by geographic area.

We fully utilize the best available survey methods for each single project or combinations of different approaches such as a telephone survey, a door-to-door survey, a focus group interview, etc that best suite research objectives and budget for each project.

Listed below are the basic fees for survey in Chinese market for reference.

  100 responses 200 responses 300 responses
Up to 10 questions 320,000 yen 630,000 yen 950,000 yen
Up to 20 questions 420,000 yen 950,000 yen 1,470,000 yen
Up to 30 questions 530,000 yen 1,260,000 yen 2,000,000 yen

1) The above fees are for basic surveys for one city and without free answers.
2) The target areas are major city areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. Survey fees may be higher for other areas.

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Market Entry Support

In collaboration with our Shanghai office and in combination with our accumulated in-house market data, we provide practical assistance to our clients who are considering to enter the Chinese market or who would like to further expand their business in China.

The most prominent feature of our consulting services for market entry is wider coverage of services that includes both research phase and strategy building support. The consumer surveys, corporate investigations, market studies and most other researches are conducted by us, and accordingly, we know the meanings of the research results better and should be able to make better use of it than anybody else. Consequently, this should make our advices and recommendations more relevant and pertinent.

Our market entry support could be further integrated by utilizing our "total consulting service for laws and regulations in China" that should strongly support the practical phase of your market entry to be after the phases of research and strategy building.

By fully utilizing our powerful human and corporate network in Japanese business society and growing connections of our branch office in Seoul, Korea, we also provide the various market entry support services to the companies in China for their market expansion to Japan and Korea, including M&A, business matching, practical business support, etc., which are made possible by highly effective communication and collaboration among our Tokyo head office, Shanghai office and Seoul office.

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Market Reports

We publish market reports on Chinese markets of various fields on the basis of our 50 years of experience accumulated through the researches on the markets in Japan. The themes of the reports are carefully selected by our expert researchers concentrating on particular industry fields, taking hottest topics, trends, products and services in addition to potential clients' needs into consideration.

As a pioneer of the market and industry research in Japan, we started to pay attention to China at an early stage and kept watching the Chinese market, the world fastest-growing economy, fully leveraging our insight of expert analysts, to convey most up-to-date and practical market data and information that must help you succeed in the market in China.

If you get interested in any titles listed below, please click each title to refer to the outline of the report, and proceed to buying the report online by clicking "Add To Cart".

Recent Reports on "Chinese Markets" (written in Japanese)

Recent Reports on "Asian Markets" (written in Japanese)

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Research Package Programs

If you have just started thinking about doing business in China, it is no wonder that you are hesitating to step forward due to uncertainty of the market and the cost for necessary researches. If that is the case, it's wise to utilize our packaged research services introduced below that provide you with essential and basic market intelligence of the markets in China. They are all reasonable in cost for the quality and convenient to use, which could open the gate leading you to another success in China!

Research Programs Fees Notes
Mystery Shoppers 20,000 yen/store 1. Area: Shanghai (Extra cost for other cities/ areas)
2. Target: Consumer goods stores
Focus Group Interviews 148,000 yen 1. No. of participants: 6 people (for 2 hours)
2. Interview results to be written in Chinese
(Additional 50,000 yen for Japanese or English)
Benchmarking 198,000 yen 1. Area: East China
(Extra cost for other areas)
Consumer Survey 498,000 yen 1. No. of questions/ samples: 30/300
2. Segmentation by: Age, geographical area, annual income and gender
Total Market Research 998,000 yen 1. Basic market research
2. Investigation on competitors (2 firms)
3. Consumer survey (100 samples, 20questions)
4. Consulting for market entry

For more info: PDF

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China Brand News


Yano Research Institute Ltd. and Yano Research Institute Shanghai Ltd. have launched a comprehensive quarterly magazine titled "China Brand News" for brand-name consumer products market in China. "China Brand News" consists of articles on varieties of fields including management issues, interviews for key persons and our research data on key markets in addition to product and consumer trends and feature stories, all of which could help corporate managements have clearer picture of the Chinese consumer markets and better managerial insights into respective product markets

  • A4 size/ approx. 50pages/ Color print/ Written in Japanese
  • Annual subscription fee:10,000 yen (incl. tax)
  • Single copy: 2,650 yen (incl. tax)
  • Published quarterly (on 10th of Mar., Jun., Sep. and Dec.)

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Company Database and Corporate Investigation

Our information and data services on Chinese markets are best suited to such needs of market entrants as 1) data on production, sales and import and export of particular companies, 2) data on market size of the specific products and/or similar products and 3) information on potential business partners.

The companies attempting to enter the new markets would need to be equipped with those specific corporate information and data as sited above at the phase of actually carrying out their plans. What makes this possible is our unique management information service integrated from multiple numbers of statistical data including those of Administration for Industry & Commerce of China, National Bureau of Statistics of China and China Customs, etc.

The provided data is basically derived from the database with enormous volume of data that cover 500 industries, 7,000 items and 12 million companies. The information on each single company is classified in five types of information, namely, 1) corporate overview, 2) status of production and sales, 3) import and export status, 4) credit reporting and 5) conclusion.

Furthermore, we provide the researches on overview of specific industries including 1) market size for latest 3 years for instance, 2) market share by company and corporate rankings and 3) market trends.

We are certain that the combination of researches on individual companies and that on industry overview solidly assist you to make critical managerial decisions in association with entry into Chinese market.

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POS Data Solution Service (YPDSS: Yano POS Data Solution Service)

We are one of a few Japanese suppliers of Chinese market POS data. The biggest and the most unique feature of Yano's POS data service is its flexibility that it can be customized to meet various needs of many different clients. We can satisfy the needs of both those who seek for only basic data that are necessary and sufficient at limited cost, and those who prioritize the depth of the data over the cost

Other features that make our service more valuable than others' include 1) preliminary examination of necessary data that eliminate the chance to purchase unnecessary data, 2) the process of customization prior to the purchase that makes it easier to fully utilize the data afterwards and 3) in-house market data and information of Yano, as a longstanding market research and consulting firm, that could be combined with and complement the POS data to realize more comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

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Statistical Data 

We have extensive library of statistical data and information on China and Chinese markets available to our clients who need to be prepared for planning on their business in China. Our resource includes the in-depth data and information from and analysis by such authoritative organizations as government agencies and industry associations in addition to individual experts from various fields, which must be the essential basic data and the picture of current Chinese market and business environment.

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Yano Data Bank Shanghai (YDB Shanghai)

Yano Data Bank Shanghai is a membership library where large amount of data and information including quick reports on economic statistics of China, our "Market Share in China" and many other up-to-data market data on various markets in Japan are available to Japanese companies operating in China and Chinese companies who intend to enter Japanese market.

In addition, YDB Shanghai occasionally holds business seminars and business meetings exclusive for the members.

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Observation Tour (to Economic Development Zones in China)

We have conducted tours of economic development zones in China, as listed below, that were highly appreciated by the participants.

Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu
KEIHAN (Kunshan) Science-based Industrial Park
Suzhou Wuzhong Economic Development Zone

We can also plan and escort other types of observation tours in China that should meet specific needs of clients.

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Our Outreach in Asia

JAPAN (Tokyo Head Office):

Global Marketing
Yano Research Institute Ltd.

2-46-2 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8620 JAPAN


Yano Research Institute Shanghai Ltd.
Westgate Tower Room 1609A 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai, 200041 CHINA


Seoul Branch Office
Yano Research Institute Ltd.

1206, Leema Bldg., Susong-dong, Chongro-ku, Seoul, 110-755, KOREA


iAxil Pte Ltd (Our partner in Singapore)

iAxil, the venture accelerator arm of business space provider, Ascendas, was established in 1996 with the aim of promoting innovation and fostering technology-based entrepreneurship in Singapore. As the first privately owned and managed incubator in Singapore, iAxil provides a wide variety of services including business modelling, investment advisory, venture capital funding, overseas market entry and provision of quick start-up space. The company also sets up incubator and venture accelerator programs for local and foreign government organizations, science and technology parks and universities.

To date, more than 170 start-up companies have graduated from iAxil. Currently, it has 78 clients located in two centres at the Singapore Science Park. One of its most successful companies is Sinomem Technology Ltd which is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

iAxil website:

Ascendas website:

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